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Find below a list of permaculture and permaculture related events and courses / workshops in Europe.

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2 persons with tree-fighting-toolswinter gathering in the forestgarden - Allmende Waldgarten,Verden,Germany
Permaculture Community Forum - Online,United Kingdom
refugees permaculture teacher trainingPermaculture Teacher Trainings in Portugal & Poland with Focus on Refugees -
CCP Graines de VieCours de Conception en Permaculture (CCP 2 x 5 jours) - PDC - Graines de Vie,Nethen,Belgium
permaculture teacher training November 2022Training Permaculture Teachers with Focus on Refugees (Spain) - Permacultura Llobregat,Puig-Reig,Spain
ccpCours certifié de la Permaculture - La Messicole,Montpezat sous Bauzon,France
Permaculture Design Course (PDC)Permaculture Design Course (PDC) - Beyond Buckthorns,Laitikkala,Finland
Permakulttuurin perusteetPermakulttuurin perusteet - Beyond Buckthorns,Laitikkala,Finland
DIY Biogas Workshop 2023DIY Biogas Workshop 2023 - Beyond Buckthorns,Laitikkala,Finland
Biochar makingBiochar making - Beyond Buckthorns,Laitikkala,Finland
Permabllitz Design CampPermabllitz Design Camp - Beyond Buckthorns,Laitikkala,Finland
Starhawk Alfred DeckerEarth Activist Training (Full PDC) - Syndicat de la Montagne Limousine,Saint-Setiers,France

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