Assurance program

Welcome to the Assurance Program at the EuPN, a community dedicated to nurturing sustainable living and learning across Europe.

Our assurance program is designed to connect permaculture practitioners, educators, and enthusiasts, fostering a rich ecosystem of knowledge, skills, and collaboration - and trust.

Whether you're here to certify your PermaHub, connect with assured teachers, or find assured courses, you've taken an important step towards deepening your permaculture journey. 

PDC participants at Beyond Buckthorns Finland
PDC participants at Beyond Buckthorns Finland

Independent and neutral vetting

The EuPN is independent of national permaculture associations or entities that issue certificates. Due to our independence we are able to objectively vet teachers, projects and places

Our vetting processes are partly or fully software driven - ensuring zero bias and the highest amount of neutrality.

Our data driven vetting processes are transparent and explained in details. Follow the link below the specific vetting process you are interested in to read the details.

If you have questions use our contact form.

EuPN certified PermaHub 2024 seal

the EUPN PermaHub certification

Welcome to the European Permaculture Network’s (EuPN) Permahub Certification process. We understand the importance of recognizing and encouraging permaculture projects that have made significant strides in sustainability, community development, and ecological restoration. Therefore, EuPN is proud to introduce our certification process that aims to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of permaculture projects.


EuPN assured teacher seal
EuPN assure course seal

Benefits of assurance and certification

  1. Certified PermaHubs: Gain recognition and visibility for your permaculture site. Our certification process ensures your PermaHub meets high standards of sustainability and community engagement, attracting like-minded individuals and resources to your projects.
  2. Assured Teachers: Connect with a network of skilled and passionate permaculture educators. Our assurance program vets teachers, ensuring high-quality learning experiences for all.
  3. Accredited Courses: Access a curated selection of permaculture courses at certified places by assured teachers. Whether you're a beginner or looking to deepen your practice, find courses that align with your learning goals.
  4. Community Collaboration: Join a vibrant community of permaculture practitioners across Europe. Share knowledge, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects that make a real difference in our ecosystems and societies.
  5. Continuous Learning and Support: Benefit from ongoing resources, workshops, and events designed to support your permaculture journey. The EuPN is committed to providing a platform for continuous growth, innovation, and connection.