A video tour through 3 LAND centers in the UK

Scotswood Natural community garden

Recently, our friends from the Green School Village association in Bulgaria had the opportunity to visit some of the UK's LAND (Learning and Network Demonstration) centers. These centers are dedicated to promoting sustainable living and permaculture practices, and our friends were excited to learn from the experts and bring back valuable insights to share with our community.

Cultural Emergence online community, courses and kickstarter

CELT outside

Cultural Emergence is a toolkit and book written by Looby Macnamara. It is an evolution of her pioneering work with personal and social permaculture (she is author of People & Permaculture). 

Online community 

There is now an online space for people interested in Cultural Emergence to connect with each other. Cultural Emergence is expanding from a toolkit into a global movement. Visit here for a free online taster course, and regular free shares.

Join us on Matrix

The European Permaculture Network is running an open channel at Matrix, the secure and decentralized communication platform.

Our new Matrix channel will provide a space for members of the permaculture community to connect and collaborate on projects, share resources, and engage in discussions related to permaculture and sustainability.