Dupa Gard

Dupa Gard is an expanding Permaculture project in the Carpathian Mountains. Founded in 2015 by Ioana Joca-Pohl and Andreas Pohl, its aim is to promote local culture and find a regenerative future for this region with its abundant past. It currently consists of two small food forests, a permaculture vegetable garden with greenhouse and a camping place. During the season guests are welcome to stay in one of the glamping tents or tiny houses. Also the autonomouse main house is available to rent for longer periods, to immerse guests completely into a sustainable lifestile. Dupa Gard also offers a limited number of volunteer positions each year.
2023 the project launched its own consultancy and small scale market garden Earthstrong, accentuating the gardening and design aspect.

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517581 Poșaga de Jos

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517581 Poșaga de Jos
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