The EuPN assured teacher

Welcome to the European Permaculture Network’s (EuPN) assured teacher process. Teachers who are assured by us have all the necessary permaculture related education background to deliver courses, tutorials, etc. 


EuPN assured teacher seal
EuPN assured teacher seal

What is the EUPN assured teacher process?

The EuPN assured teacher is a dedication to those educators who have gone the full path in permaculture education. They have a PDC, a TPT and a Diploma. 

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the EuPN Permahub Certification the following points are necessary:

  1. Must have an account at this website. 
  2. Have filled in your teacher profile.
  3. The boxes for PDC, TPT and Diploma have to be ticked.
EuPN assured teacher process
EuPN assured teacher process

The assurance process

Step 1: Create a Profile

Create an account on the EUPN website and fill in the required fields in your profile. 

Register account

Step 2: Fill in your teaching path

You must have a PDC, a TPT and a Diploma and ticked the corresponding boxes.

Step 3: Peer review

The last step is a peer review. We will then schedule a small online meeting with you. Takes about 15 minutes max. 

Step 4: Assurance

When you passed the peer review the assurer will mark your profile as assured and the "assured teacher" badge will be visible

The EuPN assured teacher is part of our assurance program.

Assurance program

Welcome to the Assurance Program at the EuPN, a community dedicated to nurturing sustainable living and learning across Europe.

Our assurance program is designed to connect permaculture practitioners, educators, and enthusiasts, fostering a rich ecosystem of knowledge, skills, and collaboration - and trust.