Applewood and Earthworm online PDC

Winter greetings from Earthworm and Applewood!

We are running another online PDC with Applewood, starting 19th February. Last year's PDC was a fantastic international affair with 30 participants. You can find out more at the Applewood website
which also has information about other online and face to face courses in permaculture and Cultural Emergence.

Permaculture Terms - a public resource

Since 2014 Rakesh "Rootsman Rak" has been sharing lists of commonly used terms and words for permaculture, forest gardening, and sociocracy. Each list is translated into 20+ languages and is a free resource for people (students, teachers, translators) to utilise. They are all listed on his website
The translations are done by the public (crowdsourced). The online spreadsheets are writable by the public, so anyone can update this resource.