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Sustainable Living Transylvania: Grafting&Permawalk

Welcome to the first event of this years Sustainable Living Workshops at Dupa Gard in Transylvania! It is organised in two parts: Saturday GRAFTING and Sunday PERMAWALK. You can either book the whole weekend and spend the night (accomodation available at our Gullivers Travels Campsite), or book one day seperate without staying overnight (other pricing applies, contact for details). Reservation is obligatory to secure your spot. Arrival possible from Friday, April 26th.

Have you ever wondered of you can find that apple or pear of your childhood again? Or are those fruit trees lost forever? You can revive them by yourself now, expect to learn how to harvest and store grafting material, how to choose cultivated or wild rootstocks, when is the right time to graft, how to graft in a practical situation. Tools needed: grafting knife/box cutter, grafting tape, pruning shears, pruning saw. Optional tools: protection gloves. 

This second day is dedicated to an overview over the Permaculture Site Dupa Gard. During a walk over the property Andi explains the concept, and answers questions. Vlad will also be available for follow-up questions from the day before, and we can go hunting for rootstock in the forest garden or the vast meadows behind the permaculture site. A deliciouse local meal is offered for lunch, afterwards you may join in for another informal Q&A session to end this Sustainable Living Weekend.

 LOCATION (parking and campsite): https://maps.app.goo.gl/XUU5Dz3t7ykMFD9F9  NOTE regarding arrival: best town to enter the country is Cluj Napoca, which boasts great international public transport connections (plane, train, bus) and from there you either can take a bus into our valley or we organise pickup.

ACCOMODATION: nights are still cold, so be aware that the campsite has outdoor showers, kitchen and compost toilet. Bring warm clothing and if you sleep in the tent proper sleeping bags.

PRICE: sliding scale starting from 50€ (self contained except for lunch, bring own tent) to 200€ (heated tiny house for 3 nights and tasty local full board and optional hiking trip included)

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PS: You are free to prolongue your stay, we offer guided hiking tours into our stunning mountain scenery as well as in-depth personal courses and cultural immersion trips. Check our website for more info on our project and offers: https://www.dupa-gard.com/homeng

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Since my first PDC in 2021 the permaculture-bug got to me and didnt let me go. I call myself a permaculture-enthusiast, and love practicing anything connected with it.

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