Global Earth Repair Summit 2022

Global Earth Repair Foundation Announces Global Earth Repair Summit 2022 October 21-24.

Global citizens are becoming more aware of the various environmental crises we are facing, as the symptoms of ecosystem collapse manifest in natural and human disasters all over the world. We face a dire situation where often we are told about the enormity of the problem by our media and politicians, but individual people feel like they have very little agency (if any) in these matters. In a media environment where environmental issues have become highly politicized and largely centered on the latest patented carbon capture technology or net-zero tax scheme, there are also a handful of organizations focusing on an alternative set of tools that revolve around biodiversity and ecosystem restoration. Using well-established science and practical techniques that have been honed and kept by a small-but-growing group of real-life biodiversity-enhancing ecosystem wizards, countless areas have been restored to full ecological function. 

Perhaps more interestingly, rather than the typical results from austerity-based solutions offered by central planners as climate becomes the issue of discussion for global stability, the humans in these areas are thriving. This is the unique and exciting aspect of this avenue of environmental response - that we can have a healthy ecosystem, and happy and healthy people - and that these actually go together, versus what we have come to believe from the typical, boiler-plated discussion around these topics.

One organization working to make these techniques available to the planet in this great time of need is the Global Earth Repair Foundation. Their goal is to empower as many as possible to create rapid positive change for the benefit of ecosystems and humans across the planet, and to this aim, they will be hosting a hybrid (online and physical) international Global Earth Repair Summit, October 21st-24th. 

This summit will convene a wide cross-section of the restoration movement for practitioners to celebrate their work, share practical information, synthesize new ideas, collaborate, and scale up local action. The program will be online, with one day of hands-on earth repair events. A global day of action will highlight actual ecosystem regeneration activities taking place in real-time around the world.

Speakers include internationally renowned filmmaker and Ecosystem Restoration Camps founder John D. Liu, scholar and environmental activist Vandana Shiva, André Leu, Precious Phiri, and other thought leaders, activists and practitioners from around the world. Discussions will revolve around ecosystem restoration, regenerative agriculture, indigenous wisdom, watershed restoration, and much more. In addition to many subjects and sessions on offer, participants will have the ability to propose and ratify the creation of new sessions during the event.

Attendees will have access to programs in Africa, Europe, North America and Latin America that include presentations, workshops and interactive focus sessions. The product of these discussions is hoped to be an organic living document whose solutions can be proposed during the COP27 Summit this year by official collaborators who will be physically attending that event. The group has made this event accessible to the entire world, including historically disadvantaged populations, by making translations available and making registrations donation-based for everyone - so no one will be left out, not even the unbanked.

Each participant in this event will also have the chance to contribute to an Earth Repair Action Plan that will be shared with the world and syndicated in practice to several participating organizations - including Ecosystem Restoration Camps and Regeneration International. Sessions will also highlight art, international dance and music, and other celebrations.

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Global Earth Repair Summit 21-24 October 2022

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