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Hands-on Permaculture experience in Southern Spain

Hands-on Permaculture experience in Southern Spain / Volunteer needed
We are a small community based near the coast, with sea views and an easy connection to our nearby town and other local permaculture initiatives. We are looking for permaculturists with some experience and diverse skill-sets to support our 2023-2024 season. We provide room and board during a minimum 3-month stay starting in November 2023, in exchange for 25 hours of work per week.

EUPC 4.0

Permaculture Convergence Online

As some of you might have heard before in the circle calls, we are exploring possible formats for an online version of the EUPC. The EUPC working group has put together a proposal to join effort and create new exciting ways to share, learn and act together!

There might be some prototyping happening on national scale this year. For 2021 we are looking for a bigger offering.