Enhancements to the Project Details Page

In our ongoing efforts to improve the user experience on the EuPN website, we have also updated the project details page:

Visibility of All Fields: We have made some improvements to the project details page. Now, all the fields that can be filled in are visible to visitors. This change ensures that comprehensive information about each project is readily accessible, providing a richer and more informative experience for anyone exploring our projects.

Enhancements to Teacher Profiles are now live

Over the past month we collected feedback about the EuPN website, especially about the teacher profiles. We are happy to announce that the new teacher profiles are now live:

1. Issuing Institute Information: Teachers can now add the issuing institute from where they obtained their Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) and their Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. This feature requires the institute to be registered in our database, providing a more comprehensive and verified list of qualifications for each teacher.

Join the First EuPN Network Call on August 28th!

We are excited to extend an exclusive invitation to you for the inaugural European Permaculture Network (EuPN) call! 🌿

📆 Date: August 28th 
⌚ Time: 19:00 CET 
🌐 Where: link will be send to members one week before

As a valued member of the European permaculture community, we believe that your insights and contributions are essential in nurturing and growing our network. This one-hour virtual gathering aims to bring together like-minded individuals from different European countries to share ideas, experiences, and establish collaborations.

Czech news

After some discussion about our yearly nationwide permaculture conference being move to online format, we have decided to simply postpone it for the next year, as the main objective for people to attend is always an in-person contact (which was made impossible by the pandemic). So the conference theme, "Appropriate technologies" is being saved for 2021 (hopefully).