Enhancements to the Project Details Page

In our ongoing efforts to improve the user experience on the EuPN website, we have also updated the project details page:

Visibility of All Fields: We have made some improvements to the project details page. Now, all the fields that can be filled in are visible to visitors. This change ensures that comprehensive information about each project is readily accessible, providing a richer and more informative experience for anyone exploring our projects.

Improved Navigation with Links: To enhance navigation and connectivity within our site, we have created links that lead back to the list of all projects and places. This feature is particularly useful for users interested in exploring projects within the same category or in the same country. It encourages a deeper exploration of related projects and fosters a sense of community and collaboration among project owners and participants.

Your Engagement in Project Discovery:

We invite all users to explore the updated project details page and take advantage of these new features. Your exploration and engagement with these projects are vital in creating a vibrant and interactive permaculture community.

Share Your Thoughts:

As always, we value your feedback. If you have any suggestions or comments about these new updates, please share them through our feedback form available at https://permaculture-network.eu/questionnaire2023.

Together, we continue to make the Permaculture Network Europe a valuable resource for learning, sharing, and connecting with like-minded individuals across the continent.