Enhancements to Teacher Profiles are now live

Over the past month we collected feedback about the EuPN website, especially about the teacher profiles. We are happy to announce that the new teacher profiles are now live:

1. Issuing Institute Information: Teachers can now add the issuing institute from where they obtained their Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) and their Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. This feature requires the institute to be registered in our database, providing a more comprehensive and verified list of qualifications for each teacher.

2. Detailed Qualification Dates: We have extended the profile sections to allow teachers to specify the dates when they obtained their PDC, the Teaching Permaculture Teachers (TPT) course, and their Diploma. This addition offers a clearer timeline of each teacher’s educational journey and achievements.

3. Diploma Tutor Information: For those with a Diploma in Permaculture Design, there is now the option to include the name of the main tutor. This feature acknowledges the mentorship and guidance received during their studies, further enriching the profiles. The main tutor needs to be in our database.

4. Listing of Previous Workshops & Courses: Teacher profiles now feature a section where previous workshops and courses they have conducted get listed. This addition allows teachers to showcase their experience and expertise, and students can gain insights into the breadth of learning opportunities offered by each educator.

5. Privacy: In response to the recent misuse of public email addresses, we've reported the issue to Google and are implementing additional privacy measures. Teacher's contact details are currently only visible for logged-in members. 

Your Active Role:

We encourage our teachers to update their profiles with these new details. Your active participation is crucial in making our network a rich repository of permaculture knowledge and experience.

Feedback and Support:

Your feedback is invaluable. Please fill in the questionnaire at https://permaculture-network.eu/questionnaire2023

Thank you for being an integral part of Permaculture Network Europe. Together, we are building a stronger, more connected, and knowledgeable community.