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Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)
Teaching Permaculture Teachers (TPT)
Diploma in applied Permaculture Design


Intro to Permaculture (PIC)
Advanced Design Skills
Spezialized courses



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I live with my family on a 12 hectare homestead in the heart of Croatia. My vision is to live a simple, healthy, happy life in nature, with like minded people to share and celebrate.
We're growing a village that is beautiful, sustainable, caring, fun and supportive, self sufficient and independent.
I really enjoy facilitating courses for people who want to take steps in care of their land and their life, designing for it, and growing towards self sufficiency/self reliance/independence in their lives. Here on the land – and in our lives – we practice permaculture and social permaculture/Cultural Emergence, a toolbox for permanent regenerative culture.