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Sustainable living and self-sufficiency

In this week you will experience how it is to live a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. It's a life that embraces the principles of working with, rather than against nature. Here, every action is a conscious step towards cultivating regenerative ecosystems in independence.

At the heart of this lifestyle lies the philosophy of permaculture: an approach that mimics natural patterns and cycles to create a diverse, resilient, and productive system.

In this course you will learn skills like food preservation and seed saving, how to keep animals healthy & happy, and you can see various natural building techniques and a simple solar energy system.

We will show you how to setup ecological food growing systems, including several ways to make compost and fertilizers, how to take care of your health with herbs, how to make natural cleaning products...

This is a practical and fun course in which you can use all your senses.

Learning by doing - sustainable living in practice

Permaculture farm Bogata Šuma


I live with my family on a 12 hectare homestead in the heart of Croatia. My vision is to live a simple, healthy, happy life in nature, with like minded people to share and celebrate.

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