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Country: Finland

Aatamilan tila

Aatamila is a communal small farm located in Hujansalo, Heinola. Aatamila's neoväki acquired the space protected by the Finnish Museum Agency in a state of demolition in 2017. Renovation of the buildings as well as collecting and scavenging were the first steps towards self-sufficiency. In 2021, preparations were also made for permaculture food production. In September 2021, we organized a permaculture course led by Suvi Tiihonen, where we learned especially about forest gardens and social permaculture. We will be happy to organize courses and workshops in the future as well.

The goal of the next few years is to develop the space in a more diverse and multi-year direction and to create new connections with the residents and operators of the surrounding area. We are also interested in eco-building and small-scale energy production. The farm could also accommodate a few new residents!

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Hujansalo Heinola
18300 Heinola

Hujansalo Heinola
18300 Heinola
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