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Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)
Teaching Permaculture Teachers (TPT)
Diploma in applied Permaculture Design


Intro to Permaculture (PIC)
Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)
Teaching Permaculture Teachers (TPT)
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Active passionet permaculture practice, demo sites, teaching, design, networks, and support (

Environmental ecologist (Wells Collage, University Washington 1982-1995)
PDC Darren Dorherty (2008-Mallorca), Can Gaia EDE (2012, Mallorca) Permaculture Teacher Training Rosemary Morrow (2016-Mallorca), Robin Clayfield (2018- Mallorca), Diploma (in process Academia de Permacultura Ibra)

Active Co-founder with these organisations:
Permacultura Mediterranea: (board 2011-ongoing)
Youth in Permaculture: Jovenes en Permacultura (2016)
Womans Permaculture Guild: (2019)
Community and Ecology Resources: (environmental consultancy since 2002)
Can Gaia: current residence, permaculture food forest hub-demo site (9,000m) with PermaMed, Mallorca, Spain