Guide: submitting events for EuPN Calendar

You are a course or event convener/organiser and want your event published in the EuPN Event Calendar. Please find some tips here for best practice.

Basic Info

We cannot accept messages with only a reference to a website as an announcement for our calendar. This would only be possible if your website complies with specific standards. Also see “Automation”. If you are interested in automating your event announcements, please contact us at comms [at] permacultre-network [dot] eu.

Please provide specific information on dates and location of your course.

  • This must include a start date and an end date. If it is a repeating event, you need to specify the repetition rule.
  • Specify begin and end times, when relevant to your event.
  • Please specify a location name – if available
  • Specify a street address. Our system requires a valid street name, if possible a house number and name of the (nearest) town/city. Postcode, region are optional, Country is required. Please check with OpenStreetMap that the address is valid and points to the place you want it to.
  • If your event visits multiple locations and countries, please specify the starting location and describe the other locations in your main text.
  • Always include at least one compelling image representing your event or location. Suitable image formats are jpeg and png. The image must be at least 1600 pixels wide. Please do not paste images in your message, but add them as attachments.

Lead Time

It takes two to four weeks to list an event. We are a very small group of very busy volunteers behind the scenes of your EuPN web site. Please give us at least two to four weeks to process your announcement materials. Text and images may need editing. We may have questions or suggestions to make your announcement as clear and effective as possible. This takes quality time.

Send in your announcement as early as possible.

Document Formats

Our Event calendar has a particular format and requires particular information, like dates and location, a “featured image” and event description.

Texts need to be separate from any illustrations, photographs or other media. Acceptable text formats are plain ascii (recommended), rtf, odf or doc.
Acceptable image formats are jpg, gif or png.

Please do not paste images in your message, but add them as attachments.

You can send a PDF file for reference of graphic mark-up.

Content tips

An event announcement should not be shorter then 150 words.

Open your announcement with a brief description of the benefits to participants. What will they take home from your event?

Use descriptive subheadings. Group your content in paragraphs.


Limit sentences to 20 words and try to avoid long words and jargon.


We encourage you to submit announcements in your own language, often the language of your target audience. If that is not English (most of you), please also provide a brief summary in English, if only to inform everybody in the EuPN about what great events you organise.


Please don’t use phrases like “click here”. The URL will be lost. Use instead the full URL – like
In case of email addresses, please provide them in full.

Please upgrade your web site to secure https, e.g. using free Let’s Encrypt certificate. Ask you web hosting provider.

Respecting Privacy

To limit the tracking by privacy abusers like Facebook and Google, we choose not to publish any URL’s in the domains of “social media”. The interest of “social media” companies and permaculture ethics are in fundamental conflict with each other. We’re sure you appreciate that.

Given that “social media” agencies employ visual recognition techniques, you may want to consider that photographs of people (and places) can be used to track individuals to build detailed network maps and infer personal profiles for commercial and political purposes.


We’d love to optimise our use of ICT in spreading the good news. One way is to enable automated event publications. We are experimenting with vCalendar/iCal. You then just provide us with a root URL or a file for our system to check. Whenever you publish your event at your own web site, our system will pick that up automatically and add it to our calendar. Obviously our systems need to “speak the same language” to understand what’s what. That is what the vCalendar/iCal standard is for.

The advantage is that the organiser is in control and we can spend the least possible resources for maximum reach of your announcements, timely, up-to-date and accurate.

If you are interested to participate please send us an email at comms [at] permaculture-network [dot] eu.


We’d love to hear from you what the effect of announcing your event on our EuPN calendar is. It may help in improving the reach of (y)our activities to build a better world. Please send us an email at comms [at] permaculture-network [dot] eu.