Monthly member call

The monthly member call is an exclusive event for our members. Every member can participate. 

It is for our members to network - to get to know permaculture practitioners from all over Europe. 

Depending on the amount of participants we either talk about what is happening in our projects and share the current development. If you want to present your homestead / farm use the form below.

European Permaculture Network Monthly member call

From Pattern to Details

Mark Your Calendars! Set a reminder for the last Monday of every month at 18:30 CET (not in December). 

The call invitation will be in your inbox the Saturday before the call and can be found in our forum.

The current prerequisite is to have Zoom installed.

EuPN members call - present your project

If you want to present your project tick the box. You get 20 to 30 minutes.
You project needs to be in the EuPN database.
If I present my project I herby allow the EuPN to record my session and share it on the EuPN platform via Youtube.