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Country: Italy


Established in: 2023
Organic: Yes
Open days: Yes

The Radici Vision is to become a laboratory for growing regenerative futures. A place based venture where we dream, imagine, prototype and co-create with life at the centre. At the heart of Radici is connection, learning and healing. Cultivating a culture for personal transformation and evolution, so humans and nature can thrive. The initial focus and principal foundation of Radici is a regenerative farm committed to sustainable and responsible farming practices. We are a collective who believe in the power of regenerative farming to improve soil health, enhance biodiversity, produce high-quality nutritious food and be a catalyst for a sense of community and connecting people and nature. We also have community practices such as morning circles, open feedback sessions and more. Growing food and people. We are dedicated to creating a positive impact on the natural world around us, to the people around us and the local food system as a whole. After setting up our regenerative farming practices, our vision is to expand our offering to regenerative experiments on culture, music, art, education, technology, wellness and more.

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Via Cavour 7
25077 Roè Volciano BS

filippo [at]

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Via Cavour 7
25077 Roè Volciano
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