A EuPN member portrait – permaculture educator Aline VaMO

Aline CST prueba de suelo

In March 2024 I had the chance to interview permaculture educator Aline VaMo, who I previously invited to the PermaPuheet to hold a lecture about “Water in every Zone”.

From sales to permaculture

Aline VaMo's transformation from a sales director in the real estate sector to a permaculture advocate and educator is a compelling tale of personal and professional metamorphosis. Her story unfolds against the backdrop of the 2008-2009 economic downturn, a period that not only challenged her career but also her values and ethics, ultimately guiding her towards permaculture as a means of reconciling her livelihood with her commitment to sustainability. 

Right place – right time – Mallorca

The pivotal change in Aline's life trajectory was catalyzed by her deep disenchantment with the corporate world, especially the distressing task of firing employees during the economic crisis – especially because she had to fire a pregnant co-worker. Seeking solace and meaning, Aline embarked on a sabbatical that led her to discover bioconstruction and subsequently, permaculture, through Antonio Scotti, in a Gaia Education EDE course on the island of Mallorca, in 2011. This discovery was not merely academic; it was a profound alignment of her professional skills with her environmental ethos. 

During that time Mallorca was the permaculture place to be. The who-is-who of permaculture educators stopped by in Mallorca – going to or coming from a permaculture convergence, a course, festival, etc. 

Aline's journey into permaculture was enriched by encounters with luminaries in the field, such as Daniel Wahl, who expanded her understanding of permaculture beyond sustainable architecture to encompass a holistic approach to living in harmony with nature. This revelation was further nurtured by her collaboration with Mandy Merklein, co-founder of Permacultura Mediterránea, and engagement with influential figures like Rosemary Morrow, Robin Clayfield and Morag Gamble, among others. These interactions deepened her appreciation of permaculture's principles and its potential to address ecological and socio-economic challenges in the Mediterranean and beyond. 


Aline has a PDC, TPT and the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. 

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Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design

7 years later, Aline took part in the bi-anual European Permaculture Convergence in Ireland. The convergence was not only an opportunity for learning and networking but also a momentous occasion for Aline as it coincided with her diploma accreditation, marking a significant milestone in her permaculture journey. On the other hand, the more local convergences of Permacultura Íbera, first co-organized in 2015 by a group of permaculturists some of who had met at the Bulgarian Convergence in 2014, represented a broader engagement with the permaculture movement at state level, offering insights into the practices and challenges faced by permaculturists in different regions. Both convergences, each with their distinct cultural and ecological contexts, contributed to Aline's growing repository of knowledge and experience, reinforcing her commitment to the principles of permaculture and her dedication to fostering sustainable, community-driven solutions to environmental challenges.

Community engagement and professionalization

As Aline's engagement with permaculture deepened, she transitioned from learner to leader, co-founding Permacultura Mediterránea to advocate for sustainable practices in her region. Her work, marked by collaboration and community engagement, underscores the power of collective action in driving environmental change. Aline's projects, from educational initiatives to the establishment of a permaculture cooperative and the transformation of her suburban home into a permaculture demonstration site, reflect her commitment to practical, locally adapted solutions. With her partner she runs “La Casa Integral” – a design consultancy and workers’ cooperative, specialized in water design. 

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Aline's insights for fellow permaculture designers emphasize the importance of continuous learning and collaboration. She advocates for a proactive approach to education, urging designers to remain open to new ideas and interdisciplinary exchanges to enrich their practice. She also highlights the significance of context in permaculture design, urging practitioners to tailor their strategies to the specific ecological, cultural, and socio-economic realities of their projects.