14 IPC (International Permaculture Convergence) Argentina - postponed to November-December 2022

Dear friends of the Permaculture World, Children and Youth Groups, Indigenous- and Rural- and all Communities Everywhere!

The IPC14 Argentina team together with the IPC Council, in the constant effort of adaptation to the world-wide pandemic and its consequences, have decided to delay the next International Permaculture Convergence that was to take place in 2021. The current date for the 14th IPC is November-December 2022.

The event will be hosted at "Madre Selva", the physical base of the Ná Lu'um Permaculture Institute in Argentina, with the option of online participation in the so-called Blended style (physical event plus real-time coordinated online presence). If the world-wide situation requires continuation of travel restrictions and social distancing, the event may be completely online. Only 2022 will allow for that decision to be made.

Further plans are being made for the 15th IPC to be hosted in Taiwan between October and December 2024, most probably as well via the Blended style. Earth Passengers is the host of the 15th IPC: http://earthpassengers.org / Contact - Hui-i Chiang (twoisone1206 [at] gmail [dot] com (twoisone1206[at]gmail[dot]com))

All updates regarding these events will continue to be shared on the 14IPC Facebook page and the IPCC webpage.

Sending you light, blessings and warm regards from the place each one of us is located now.

  • 14th IPC Argentina Organizing Committee
  • International Permaculture Convergence Council
  • Friends of IPC


A Blended event is an in-person event that includes participants who cannot travel or choose not to travel. It’s a standard meeting, workshop or conference with participants on site and others who join remotely using fully interactive 2-way audio and video communication, from the beginning to the end of the event - during plenaries, breakout sessions, and sometimes even during social breaks, meals and fringe encounters.

In Blended events online participants have priority! It is very easy to ignore online participants. For that reason everyone in the room is invited to direct some personal care into including them. Event organisers must make them visible in the room at all times and whenever there is activity facilitators must invite them to speak first. During breakout sessions, small groups and outdoor activities, everyone is invited to use their own device in order to include remote participants.

Read more about Blended events here:


Organization in Argentina: Instituto de Permacultura Ná Lu‘um
Contact person: Tierra Martínez, ipc14argentina [at] gmail [dot] com (ipc14argentina[at]gmail[dot]com)
Phone number: +39 3896514679


IPCC - International Permaculture Convergence Council
Margarethe Holzer and John Nzira (Coordinators)
Mail: council [at] internationalpermacultureconvergence [dot] org (council[at]internationalpermacultureconvergence[dot]org)
Website: http://internationalpermacultureconvergence.org
Phone: +43 6502851185