Cultural Emergence and permaculture - design for change

We need hope, magic, new vibration and a new way of being. We need global cultural transformation towards a peaceful, connective society and a positive regenerative future. This course focuses on how to manifest change in our lives through conscious design and action.
How do we make those cultural shifts necessary to bring us there? Take your first step by applying for this course!

Permaculture is about designing with nature, by observing her functions, patterns, connections and systems. Cultural Emergence is about growing, protecting and cultivating thriving people and environments. It is about creating a healthier and happier ecosystem for a peaceful, connective life and a positive, regenerative future.
In this workshop we will work with permaculture ethics and principles to help us make sustainable choices.

Start designing your way to abundance on our hands-on design course!
At Bogata Suma you can experience a permaculture lifestyle, as you gain the necessary skills to implement permaculture and Cultural Emergence in your own life.

In this course you will have fun learning together with likeminded people on a permaculture farm in Croatia. This will be a richly nourishing, empowering and life transforming course.

Challenge & awaken, move & invigorate, nourish & empower
With a growing awareness and feeling of responsibility you need tools for transformation. Asking questions, thinking differently, pattern recognition and disruption all lead to growth. How to grow your vision, connections to self and others, your resilience and your effectiveness. We will grow ropes, build trust, appreciate and celebrate.

You will leave this course with...
- A personal design for an aspect of your life that you want to improve.
- A group design for a positive change in the world
Within the first 3 months following the course you can have 2 consultancy calls with us, to bring your theoretical and practical knowledge together for your situation.

When: Sat 13 - Sun 21 May 2023
Where: permaculture farm Bogata Šuma, Vojnic, Croatia
Costs: € 575,- for course and 3 meals a day
(If you are under 18 or over 70 or you have a low income, you can ask to pay the low rate of € 400,-)

Camping: free. A bed in a 2- or 3-persons room: € 10,- extra per night.
Meals are also available before or after the course, or for friends or family members that come with you.

More information:, email or call +385 (0)95 5555 677

Cultural Emergence and permaculture - design for change course at permaculture farm Bogata Šuma in Croatia

Bogata Šuma
Zivkovic Kosa 11
47220 VOJNIĆ


Cultural Emergence and permaculture - design for change

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