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Country: Denmark

Nordic Permaculture Academy

Established in: 2022

The Nordic Permaculture Academy is a fairly new organisation focused on mentoring diploma apprentices and accrediting diplomas. The Academy has more than 40 students and is working with apprentices across the Nordic countries. There a two Diploma Gatherings per year and a Monthly Online Gathering, creating network and momentum for the engaged apprentices. 

The Academy works with a sociocratic structure and gathers inspiration from around Europe. The diploma criteria and learning outcomes follow the diploma system of Permaculture Association Britain. Mentors of the Academy strive for the best international quality and standards for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. 

Recently, one of our apprentices wrote a letter of appreciation and an answer to why it's beneficial to join gatherings and take part in creating the network. Ditte says: "I’ve found some answers to that question :-) and I will share these in the reflections below on my permaculture path and first experience with Diploma and the Nordic Permaculture Academy ... " Read more 

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4305 Holbæk

4305 Holbæk
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