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Country: Portugal

Mount of Oaks, Permaculture Research and Practice

Established in: 2006
Organic: Yes
Open days: Yes

A non-profit Association is the Guardian of 5 hectares piece of farm land since 2006... surrounded by local small farmers and a bit bigger farms (with some chemical use) with a mix of various fruits, olives, vinyards and sheep for local cheese makers.

At the "Mount of Oaks", we are regenerating Soil while our basic infrastructures are built by hand, by ourselves, with natural local materials... we are also encouraging diverse wildlife and producing healthy food and medicine...We would like to have livestock soon, apart from our chickens,, and raise animals in a sustainable, holistic,healthy and productive way to model a different system to our neighbours who, we know, are doing the best they know...
we are connecting with the local community in "Gardunha Bio-Region" in Central East part of Portugal... working with local market town council, building bridges between new locals from all over the world who come to live in farms, and local Portuguese farmers who are delighted to see younger ones coming back to their villages... In the local Market Town, Fundão, where a weekly farmers market happens every Monday since 1950´s, the new locals hang out and check what each one is doing at their land... But the town has much diversity too : I.T. professionals, specially from Brazil and India, who are running away from big cities in search for quality of Living, many artists and activists, Ukrainian war refugees, East Timorese migrants, Afegani political refugees, and more... are part of the immense diversity of a small town below the highest Mountain Range in this part of the world with 2000m at the top... All part of a growing community that is getting strong, committed to land, and resilient.

Something really special is going on here, and I believe at the same time in other parts of the world :-)
Mount of Oaks is a little dot in this Mosaic of many patches, where farming is still the main activity of the region , in a sensitive time when organic products and consumers are growing, but so is the "european subsidy farming", and big monocultures of mainly cherry, peach and now almonds , which are highly sprayed and contaminate water, soils, wildlife, human health, etc...

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Mount of Oaks
6230-600 Póvoa de Atalaia

Kurjen ekokyläyhdistys ry

Rautialantie 419 b

Villa Manuela

Mouhijärventie 1332

Aatamilan tila

Hujansalo Heinola

Santa Dorotea

Boxintie 899

Lilla Lennartstorp

E 1101
591 90
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