Category: Homestead
Country: France

Le Jardin d'un Notre Monde

Established in: 2020

A project that includes an evolving forest garden for a family of eight people, a shared community garden, a demonstration and training site for ethical agroecology practices. The dynamics of the place rely on permaculture and syntropic techniques, and seek balance through an agro-sylvo-pastoral approach. 

The space also hosts meetings around well-being and human ecology.

There are multiple microclimates on the site, which have allowed the development of several micro-projects integrated into a design highlighting the varied sectors and the natural potential of the place. 

This includes: forest gardens on swales, terraces, a half-buried greenhouse, fascines, agroforestry in alley-cropping, a community garden, multiple hedges for biodiversity and windbreaks, chickens and ducks .

Water management covers multiple low-tech techniques (swales, terraces, ollas), mechanical systems (cisterns for rainwater, drip irrigation for crops), and a well that supplies drinking water. 

Multiple compost techniques (for a wide range of local organic resources) are addressed in an integrated manner in the different growing areas. Production: various fruits and vegetables, currently in development; aiming to achieve a rate of 80% perennial plants - - 20% annual plants.  

Compost toilets make it possible to recycle local resources to an even greater extent.

Exposure: South-East, South. Near a natural wetland area, the land is bordered by mature trees. Convex and concave slopes, between 3-10%. 

Multiple people (professionals, the resident family members and volunteers) are involved in projects almost all year round. 

Other elements: sheltered working spaces (veranda, kiosk, greenhouse), a space for outdoor meetings in the shade of a bamboo grove, a solidarity fridge, ad-hoc meetings for the processing of crops.



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841 Rue du 8 Mai 1945
69290 Métropole de Lyon

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841 Rue du 8 Mai 1945
69290 Métropole de Lyon
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