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Country: Italy

La Vita Sukha

Established in: 2023

A global survey has revealed that one-third of people experience loneliness, with some countries reporting rates as high as 50%.  Not only are people statistically unhappy, but our demand on our planet’s resources is also unsustainable. Humanity currently consumes resources 50% faster than nature can regenerate them. Addressing these critical issues requires innovative solutions.

We believe the answer lies in fostering community and sustainability. La Vita Sukha is a purposefully designed coliving, coworking, and retreat space located in Puglia, Italy. Our name, meaning "the life of a lasting state of happiness," reflects our mission to transform lives through the power of community and sustainable living.

In addition to the community-building element through coliving, La Vita Sukha also provides a versatile venue for hire, ideal for workshops, retreats, corporate team-building events, other events dedicated to personal growth and well-being.

Our long-term vision includes forming a permanent, harmonious community within the main villa and co-creating a regenerative farm based on permaculture principles. This vision underscores our commitment to a connected and sustainable future.

We plan to develop eco-friendly structures within parts of our land designated for reforestation. These sustainable accommodations will enable us to continue operating as a venue for hire, catering to visitors seeking retreat, permaculture education, or a purposeful remote working experience.

Our ultimate ambition is to establish a global network of La Vita Sukha hubs. At this stage, we aim to sponsor individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, immersing them in community-based sustainable living and providing grants to carry this invaluable learning into their own lives and communities.

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Via Ariella 17
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Liz Cirelli

I'm Liz, born in England in 1980 to Italian parents. Before they immigrated to England in the late 1950s, my parents were farmers in Puglia, southern Italy, and they came from a very long line of farmers.