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Country: Croatia

Gea Viva - eco island retreat

Established in: 2012

Gea Viva is a eco retreat camp and Permaculture small holding, where people can experience true and simple eco living. The site was designed to Permaculture principles. Apart from the 180 olive trees which already existed, we planted around 100 fruit trees, created a Permaculture garden and a range of small eco buildings. Gea Viva is off-grid, water is supplied by a rainwater tank and electricity is produces by solar panels. We host guests who wish to connect with nature and offer courses as well as retreats. Apart from practical Permaculture, people who stay here can also learn how to connect with nature in meditation and practice geomancy.

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Gea Viva Kamp
21405 Milna

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Gea Viva Kamp
21405 Milna
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