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Country: Romania

Ermitaj Malin

Established in: 2010
Open days: Yes

Eco-place “off grid” of 8 hectars in a valley of Transylvania, Ermitaj is focused on experimenting and sharing permaculture.

Our fundamental values are respect and care for the Earth and for people, as well as a process of sharing and solidarity.
The goal of the project is to help individuals and communities to move towards a way of life that respects these values.
For this, we want Ermitaj to be:
- a place of information, demonstration, experimentation, exchanges and training around permaculture, agro-ecology, peasant know-how and eco-building (for example, through the organization of internships, workcamps, events...).
- a place of living, for those who desire a way of life in nature, simplicity, solidarity and sharing: by developping an intentional community.

We are the social seat of the Romanian Permaculture Association.

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