Eikellegimaa NGO

10.00 ha

Harjuseaugu Tellaste küla
65247 Võru maakond

mtyeikellegimaa [at] gmail.com

Harjuseaugu Tellaste küla
65247Võru maakond
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Eikellegimaa is a not-for-profit organisation based in the southern Estonian countryside. Our events and workshops promote more sustainable living and stronger community.The forest is our setting and chief educator.

Our mission is to create a productive and adventurous space for present and future generations to use as a self-resilient, educational open farm!
This involves:
 * growing, foraging and cooking delicious responsible food
 * creating resilient food forest landscapes
 * eco-building creative spaces
 * connecting like-minded people and skill-sharing
 * offering therapeutic experiences in nature
 * living with a stronger connection to our environment, recognising our mutual needs.
 * As our location is a ( peaceful and beautiful ) barrier to many, we will attempt to maintain some online content so that our excitements and failures are lessons for more than just ourselves!