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Established in: 2024
Open days: Yes

Claud du moine is our family farm nestled on a hill in the heart of the fortified towns of the Périgord Noir, in the Dordogne, in France. When we asked ourselves how we would organise our land, we quickly came up with permaculture, no dig gardening, holistic management, keyline design, regenerative agriculture, permaculture orchard, water-management, transition towns, heritage varieties of plants, and so much more.

Crucial is the understanding that the human species too is part of total biodiversity: insects pollinate our food, plants freshen our air and soil creatures make our soil fertile. All elements contribute to the continuous change of the whole, but only humans have the ability to be a conscious change agent of the ecosystem.

In principle, the aim is to feed ourselves, but we feel that in the long run we should eventually share some of our products and knowledge with others.



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727 Route de la Vieille Eglise
24250 Saint-Aubin-de-Nabirat

+0032 479 75 20 16
clauddumoine [at]

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727 Route de la Vieille Eglise
24250 Saint-Aubin-de-Nabirat
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