PDCs and TTs with Alfred Decker

Find below upcoming courses with Alfred Decker:

2 PDCs & 2 TTs @ 2022
2 Permaculture Design Courses with Starhawk: 

2 Permaculture Teacher Trainings: 

Alfred will also be co-facilitating a PDC for refugees at the end of September with Konstantinos Tsiompanos of the Sporos Regeneration Institute on Lesvos, Greece. Normally the participants of these inspiring PDCs are a combination of refugees and locals, however, there may be room for more people so write info [at] 12pdesign [dot] net (here) if you are interested.

Lastly, Alfred is working on creating an online version of Rosemary Morrow’s “Training Permaculture Teachers” course for the Permaculture Association of Britain‘s online educational platform, and am hoping to have it ready in the autumn of 2022. Please send a message info [at] 12pdesign [dot] net (here) to receive more info.

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Here’s to building the world that we want to live in, right here and now, within the shell of the old world that is collapsing around us…

Salud y permacultura,