New School Permaculture activities

Hello green family

Here you can see the activities that the New School Permaculture and Helder Valente is going to be organizing this year

This summer there will be a PDC and a Permaculture Festival in the North of Portugal in the beautiful Douro Valley region.

Students will also have the unique experience to learn for 5 days how to design permaculture events with a special focus on festivals.

After that process together we will create a permaculture team with students and volunteers and  develop and manage the festival from a Permaculture perspective.

16 to 25 Jul-PDC Permaculture Design Course

26 to 27 Jul -PLV Permaculture Local Visits

28 Jul to 1 Aug -Design Permaculture Festival 

2/6 Aug - Permaculture Festival Festança

In the Autumn we are super excited to be organizing a PDC and a Food Forest course with legendary Doug Bullock, a permaculture teacher with more than 40 years of experience,  Doug was part of the organization of the first ever PDC in the United states in 1984 in Hawaii.Helder and Doug met and worked together in the Amazon and together they create the most unique permaculture teaching team.

Course will be in S.Miguel Island in the azores- Portugal, for many people one of most beautiful places on Earth.

October -PDC Permaculture Design Course

October - PFC Permaculture Forest Course

October -Local Visits

If this sounds good to you send us an email to maininfonsp [at] gmail [dot] com (maininfonsp[at]gmail[dot]com) so that we can get you on board.

This will definitely be a life changing experience and we are looking forward to meeting you and having a great time together. If in the email you send us the promo code NSPEUPN you will get a discount for any of our activities.

See you on the permaculture side of life