Permaculture Teacher Trainings in Portugal & Poland with Focus on Refugees

For permaculture educators who are already working with refugees and migrants or want to do so, aside from the Training Permaculture Teachers with Focus on Refugees (TPT4R) course in May, there are also two other opportunities to do this training in 2023 in Portugal and Poland:

* An international group of permaculture educators including Rosemary, Starhawk, and Eunice Neves succeeded in getting a group of young Afghan permaculturalists out of the country after the Taliban takeover where their lives where in danger, and they are now living and studying at the inspiring Terra SintrĂ³pica project in Portugal. Alfred, Eunice and other co-facilitators will offer them a TPT4R course probably in late March. The course will offer a few places in the course for permaculture educators who can pay for the training and help to offset the course costs so that the Afghan refugees will all be able to attend on full scholarships. Please write to terradeabrigo [at] for more information.

* At the TPT4R course last November, a number of Ukrainian permaculture educators attended the course and are inspired to collaborate on organising a TPT course with Alfred for their fellow Ukrainian teachers in early November, 2023 at a beautiful site in Poland. This course will also offer some solidarity places for educators whose fees will serve as a fundraiser for Ukrainian permaculturalists to be able to attend via scholarships. Please write to for more information."

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