The ABC's of Teaching Permaculture to Children

Our live online course is taught by three experienced permaculture teachers and designers Ange Suprowicz, Julie Humphris and Caitlin Moore and is created with the very deep intention of bringing children closer to the natural world. ❤️ 🌻🌲

🌱Whether you’re a school teacher,
🌱a homeschool parent or
🌱an environmental advocate, permaculture has something for everyone.
Permaculture connects us with our surroundings and supports us in seeing a circular worldview; one where all beings hold intrinsic value and where we are all connected. 🌈

Our 8 week live online course - 🌱The ABCs of Teaching Permaculture to Children 🌱- is dedicated to collaboratively exploring ways of engaging children (of any age!) in the practices and principles of permaculture. With space made for collaboration, you can bring in your own expertise and be inspired by other teachers & parents! ✨ Visit our website - https://www.earthkeepers-camps.org/the-abc-s-of-teaching-permaculture-t… for more course information & to register! ✨

Children are learning about the principles of permaculture.