Communication & Image

Current Activities

  • Empowering internal and external communication.
  • 2019: focusing the website on communication with the public.

General Activities

  • Technical and editorial maintenance and development of the website, newsletter and backend systems of the domain.
  • Passing on incoming questions to relevant working groups.
  • Helping other working groups with communicating through our domain.


Group members

Cathrine is responsible for the bimonthly EuPN newsletter. She is dedicated to regenerating life supporting systems in nature and in society. She teaches permaculture, runs a LAND centre and is a diploma tutor.

Dominik Jais is a professinal webdesigner with 10+ years experience in delivering web-design & -development excellence.

He runs a permaculture homestead in rural Finland.

Help welcome

Currently we are looking for support with developing pragmatic and appropriate alternatives to the ubiquitous commercial cloud services and social media.

If you want to donate some time or resources to the working group, please contact: comms [at] permaculture-network [dot] eu (comms[at]permaculture-network[dot]eu)