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The EuPN connects the different players in the wide field of Permaculture, from local to national association to projects to individuals.

Diversity is embedded in our systems and we value the marginal. 

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Permaculture in Europe sprouting everywhere
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The EuPN aims to be one of the platforms that bring people towards permaculture.

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The EuPN likes to offer everyone into permaculture a comprehensive map of places.

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What would permaculture be without courses and events

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The www.permateachers.eu website was created years back during the European Permaculture Teachers’ Partnership (short: ‘EPT’, European PC Teachers). While the software has been updated over the years the content hasn't. 

The aim is to bring the system onto a multi-lingual platform and allow teachers that are with the EuPN to add new content. Access to the new site will be given via the EuPN website.

Projects & Places

Ranilug, Kosovo

Since 2017, we started developing a permaculture program, through an international project Permaculture as a Path to Peace, which was taking place in Bozevce, but also in other similar places in the Balkans.

Courses & Events

Permakultur zum Angreifen

Gerne möchten wir, der Verein „Österreichisches Waldgarten-Institut“ Pfingsten 2024 wieder die Tore im Rahmen eines geführten Rundganges zu…