The Ghana Permaculture Institute: the falling of a great hero 

By Charles Katere

We were suddenly hit by the death of our hero, CEO, and Director of  Ghana Permaculture Institute, Dr. Paul Yeboah, in the early morning of September 14th, 2021, after a short illness.  Dr. Paul Yeboah chose a permaculture career in the year 2003 and became the first permaculturist in Ghana.  He has promoted permaculture activities across Ghana and West Africa. He directly trained over 8,000 farmers and awarded over 2000 students permaculture design certificates. Over 80 percent of the peasant farmers cultivate moringa plants and honey production as an additional revenue generation. Dr. Paul was able to create both local and international markets for farmers’ farm products, especially moringa plant products. 

The late Dr. Paul Yeboah believes in 3 key supports that can help rural farmers live a sustainable life. The first is to train farmers in permaculture sustainable systems. The second is to create markets for their farm produce. The third is to award farmers and acknowledge them for their permaculture sustainable practices in conserving and protecting the environment and promoting food sovereignty, the organic farming techniques, and practices. 

GPI Upcoming events/project: 

  • GPI is organizing Paul Yeboahs Permaclture Awards on 22 September 2022 to honor moringa farmers for their organic farming practices, quality standard management  and their longevity with GPI. Click this link to participate and contribute to this event. 
  • GPI together with it’s partners organization, Southern Network for Environmental Development (SONED.DE) is implementing a 3.5years project which aims to improve the economic wellbeing of farmers in the permaculture value chain through the expansion of the GPI-Agribusiness center. This project is starting 1st September, 2022, BMZ is covering 75% of the total budget cost which GPI/SONED is together raising the remaining 25% to be able to train 2120 peasant farmers, women and youth group the permaculture system and improving economic life. Click this link to support this event. 


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