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New working groups on

  • Visegrad
  • European Permaculture Education Network (an evolution of the successful EPT project)
  • General Circle

Working Group Update

The Resources for Action created a public page.


The EuPN web site now supports and enforces encrypted connections. This means that the information between your web browser and our server is “secure”, as in no third parties can just simply listen in and that you can trust that the information that you read on your device is as we sent it from our server. This is important when you log in as a member: your password is now more protected along the way and any information you share via the member forums and consult from our database is now less likely to leak to unwanted guests. This is however still no protection against being tracked and traced by third party agencies. They just don’t know exactly what you are doing at our web site.

Privacy and personal freedoms are increasingly eroding away in our pursuit of convenience from our communication devices and services. It’s good to be aware of your choices and their consequences. We’ve improved on the ownership and security of the, being aware that it is never going to be 100% spy-proof. Small steps and slow solutions are also the way forward in our data landscape it seems.

House style service

We have a new service for our membership: logos and house style elements available for download from our web site. Log in as a member and find them under the Media menu.

Tip for working groups: public content

If you want to publish information on behalf of your working group, you can do so yourself. All registered members have automatically a login account on our web site. Additional individuals can request an account from the web master. If you have insufficient privileges for your needs you can request and upgrade from the same email address.

Public blog posts will appear on the home page – possibly after an editor has approved. Posts are suitable for current news and announcements.
Pages are more suitable for “permanent content” like reports, mission statements, listings of contact details etc. Public pages from working groups will appear under the Network > Working Groups menu as a sub menu item.
Private, members-only posts and pages can be created in your own working group section and forums. Your working group section is also the preferred location for your group’s shared documents.

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