The LAND network is growing!

Inspired by their visit to Koster Trädgårdar in Sweden, a team of Permaculture teachers from Bulgaria made a video about the LAND initiative, its roots as well as its future. Mihaela Tsarchinska, the founder of Green School Village, an organization that functions as a hub for ecological projects, has jumpstarted the implementation of a diploma process as well as LAND center approval for the Balkan Region. This means that in a few years time, there will be three regions in which people seeking permaculture demonstration sites can do so through the LAND NETWORK: The UK, Scandinavia and the Balkans. 

The film was directed by Mihail Kossev, an alumnus of the European Permaculture Teacher Partnership, and co-funded by Erasmus+. Mihail walks us through the journey of setting up a LAND center through interviews with Cathrine Dolleris (LAND coordinator for Denmark and helping Scandinavia and the Baltic area) and Helena (co-owner of the Kosters farm).
We hope you enjoy watching this made in between the sessions of our enlightening permaculture teacher training with Cathrine and Alfred Decker.

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