New Learning Platform

The UK permaculture association is launching an exciting new combined community and learning platform for all their members and learners. They wanted to share a sneak-peek of the platform to show you some of what there is to look forward to.

Right now it’s just open for those enrolled on their courses, but they plan to bring in all their members over the coming months, so if you are a member look out for future emails with full instructions on how to set up an account.

It’s a bit like their very own mini social network, just for their permaculture network. It will help you learn about courses that you can take to further your learning, engage in topics and chats that interest you, find other learners and educators near you, and above all be part of a community that cares about building a sustainable future for us and future generations. 

For those who like to learn and chat on your phones, the platform which is built using Mighty Networks, also features handy mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The home of the UK permaculture association’s new platform: community.permaculture.org.uk

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