New EUPC Website Launched!

The organisers of EUPC 2021 have launched a new website for the 2021 event that is being held online on Crowdcast, Zoom and a number of other online platforms.

The new website can be found at and has been built with future European Convergences in mind.

You can now access the website to view information on the latest speaker announcements, a detailed daily timetable of events, technical tips and language support options.

EUPC21 is co-hosted by Permaculture Association (Britain)Permakultur AustriaPermacultura ÍberaPermacultura MediterráneaInternational Permaculture Education NetworkPermaculture CoLab Translation Circle and Digital CircleInternational Permaculture Convergence Council and Domingos de Permacultura, on behalf of the European Permaculture Network.

It is hoped that funds raised through this event will be used to support and grow the European permaculture networks and community so that more people can bring about their own positive change in the world.

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