Growing food in small spaces

Know someone who wants to start growing their own food? 33% off for friends or loved ones!

We’ve got a special discount for you to gift to them – 33% off the upcoming Growing Food in Small Spaces course with Rakesh that starts 20th April (*limited places).

Just copy this exact link and send it to your friends or loved ones who you think this course would be perfect for.

In this course, they’ll learn how to grow food in whatever space they have – no matter how small – and in a way that optimises the time and energy they put in. They’ll get introduced to regenerative practices and permaculture techniques and learn how to get high yields of delicious, nutritious food.

Permaculture member and diploma student Tobias recently helped his friend Jirshari buy her first seedlings and get started with growing in her small, triangular shaped garden. 

Having just moved my family into a new house, I want to grow food and do it with my daughters but I have no idea where to start! Tobias suggested starting with lettuce, chard, courgette and squash and to use any space I have to start the seedlings which will have to be the kitchen windowsill! He really sold us on the importance of composting so now we’ve got our first compost bin! When I heard about the Growing Food in Small Spaces course I decided to do it because I don’t just want to learn from books and I thought learning with a group over several weeks would encourage me to actually start growing 

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