EuPN ReLeaP Project

The ReLeaP partnership project application, taken forward by the Resources for Action Working Group, and involving 8 EuPN members, will be submitted at the end of March. If Erasmus+ funding is approved this will deliver a 2 year ‘Regenerative Leadership Programme’ starting towards the end of 2020 to support the pioneers and leaders in permaculture networks, organisations, projects and teaching across Europe, with the aim that at least 50% of the participants will be under 30 years old. The project will involve a series of physical events (for partners) and online events (open to all), and produce a number of Good Practice Guides (LAND Centres; permaculture education systems; permaculture organisation development; etc) and resources to stimulate and support the accelerated succession of the permaculture movement across Europe. If successful this will allow the project to bring together and present a lot of the well-proven and innovative permaculture education activity that is happening across Europe, and lead to on-line ReLeaP training and resources being accessible across Europe and around the world on an ongoing basis.

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