Abundant Earth Foundation and The Weaver Network

Abundant Earth Foundation is a group of permaculture philanthropists and activists regenerating our environmental and social landscapes by supporting each other and pooling our resources to create a more just and inclusive world for all.  

The Weaver Network is a networking platform for permaculturist​s​: a place for us to share information, stories, best practices, and connect with others based on geography or other common interests.  To help us shape this platform and add your project: https://WeaverNetwork.org/

Forest Garden Winter Camp

And again we‘ll have a winter gathering in the forest garden! These are the dates: December 15th to 21th in Verden. Housing is in heated rooms to be on the safe side. Near to winter solstice we’re probably getting up in the dark and at half past 4 it’s dark again. The time in between we’re gonna spend (besides having picnic) fighting the wild jungle in the forest garden. Trembling poplars, oaks, birches, hazels, goat willows are spreading faster than we want them to. Besides we’re gonna plant some new goodies for
humans/birds. The birches that are within the fence are also in need of their yearly cut.
In the evenings we can learn from each other, spend time in the group, discuss, cook, party and hang around.
We are looking forward to meeting people from other gardening projects as well as interested people without any knowledge, to meeting the ones we already know as well as new people!
From participants we request the following things

  • apply early and binding via mail. There are only limited places. You can also join only for a certain time of the gathering. We’ll ask you to pay a deposit to confirm your participation and save you a spot.
  • we wish for a fee for the costs of the food (they’re gonna be low, there’s gonna be some dumpster diving and donations).
  • You’ll need warm clothes! Respiring shoes are empirically good, they have to be big enough so that you can wear at least 2 pair of thick socks easily. And it also can rain at that time of the year…
  • You need a car or a bike to be mobile.
  • The gathering is a pro-feminist space. Everyone should be able to feel good at the camp and so should be save from violations of his or her personal borders. Everyone should be able to tinker with his or her own identity and shouldn’t be pushed into a certain one. So macho-behavior and homophobia would be
    out of place. For these things everybody should take responsibility.

Permaculture Teaching Matters

Permaculture Teaching Matters (PTM) is an international teacher training course offered in English and organised by La Bolina Regeneration Project and facilitated by Alfred Decker and Candela Vargas. The course will be available to PDC holders from any country.

Luis: ptm [at] permaculturasureste [dot] org
Candela: +34601465875
Alfred: http://12pdesign.net

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PTM is designed for those who want to teach based on Rosemary Morrow’s participatory learning methods. The course will help participants to:

  • Change the way they think about education.
  • Move towards a permaculture teaching career.
  • Empower others with life-changing skills.
  • Learn to pass on knowledge of permaculture theory and practice in ways that creates real change in your students, and activates entire communities.
  • Make connections with an international community of permaculture teachers.
  • Gain skills in working with students from different cultures and backgrounds.

When and where

The PTM course will take place from December 8-15, 2018, at the facilities of La Bolina restoration project in Saleres, a beautiful little village in the depths of the “Valle de Lecrin” in Granada. La Bolina is an association that works for the integration of refugees and migrants in rural environments, through the creation of sustainable livelihoods based on agroecology, permaculture and sustainable commerce.

Begins: Dinner on the night of December 8th.

Ends: Certificate ceremony on the night of December 15th, followed by optional dinner, party and “No Talent Show”. There will be an optional breakfast available the next morning.

More info about La Bolina here

More about the creators of this course Rosemary “Rowe” Morrow

PTM Teaching Team

Alfred Decker

Alfred’s passion in life has been ecological and social justice activism, of which permaculture has played a central part. Since his first PDC in 1998 in California, Alfred has been involved with social movements and projects throughout Europe and the Americas. He is the founder of the 12 Principles Permaculture Design consultancy, Permacultura Barcelona and the Forest Gardens project at Can Masdeu; was a member of the European Permaculture Teachers Partnership and the Permaculture Council of Europe; and holds a post graduate diploma in sustainable architecture and renewable energy (Centre for Alternative Technology). After a PTM training, he undertook a two year mentorship and later co-taught six courses with Rosemary, ultimately earning a diploma in Permaculture Education & Community Development in 2013 through her organisation Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute in Australia. He also co-edited the PTM Manual and organised a successful PTM crowdfunding campaign. Alfred has taught widely throughout Europe and currently lives on a smallholding in the Montnegre i el Corredor Natural Park north of Barcelona, Spain, where he is creating a permaculture demonstration site and educational project called Can Comú.

Candela Vargas

Candela has been wanting to understand the mechanisms of life since an early age. Therefore she studied Biology at the University of Granada. She became a passionate activist and fighted for Climate Justice in Cop 15 when she moved to Denmark where she has been living for 8 years. In this country she studied a masters in Nature Management and completed a thesis on Forest Gardens Design and Implementation. She is cofounders of FFIRN (Food Forest International Research Network), has being a member of the board of Permaculture Denmark for 5 years, a LAND advisor, a volunteer coordinator at a pioneer urban garden in Copenhagen, Byhaven 2200 and involved in many other projects as Seed Pop Up, Gift circle, and many Environmental / Cultural collectives. Candela has been teaching permaculture in Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Spain. In Italy she enjoyed with Rowe and Alfred a great PTM course that reinforced her teaching skills and got her teaching PTM courses with Alfred.

She loves gathering wild foods, doing acroyoga, and singing her Permaculture songs.

This course is for…

PDC holders in any of the following fields: teachers and students of architecture, landscape design, school/community gardeners, local government community development officers, ecology and other disciplines including geography, regenerative agriculture and agroforestry as well as permaculture design. If you’re looking to do any type of sustainability or permaculture education/communication, this is the course you’ve been waiting for. In addition, this course will have a special focus on permaculture for refugees and migrants.

You will learn how to:

  • Design a short or a long course
  • Develop clear course outcomes and ethics
  • Adopt appropriate body behaviour and use nonviolent communication
  • Prepare learning resources and use teaching aids effectively
  • Organise classroom and learning environments
  • Work with a broad range of people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Draw on strategies that promote thinking and integrate practical experience
  • Deliver clear explanations and concepts
  • Explain the structure and function of the Permaculture Design Course
  • Give engaging digital presentations
  • Debrief, appraise, and apply other teaching techniques
  • Work collaboratively in groups
  • Practice teaching in a safe, supportive community of peers

We require all students to have completed a PDC (anywhere in the world) before the course starting date.

PTM Fees and accommodation

The price for the course is (600€).

Your fees include:

  • A life-changing learning experience
  • Digital resources
  • A Permaculture Teaching Matters Certificate
  • A new generation of permaculture teachers and doers for you to join!
  • Three healthy vegetarian meals a day and accommodation in shared bedrooms
  • Space for bringing your own tent and camp.
  • A free copy of Permaculture Magazine
  • Option to buy Rosemary’s Earth User’s Guide to Teaching Permaculture at a 30% discount from the publisher. Books may be ordered with registration. An invaluable friend to the experienced and novice teacher alike
  • Option to buy a copy of Rosemary’s PTM Manual at the cost of printing (available for free download here)

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Advanced and Specialist courses

Looby Macnamara (author of People and Permaculture) will be teaching many advanced and specialist courses, in 2019, including Permaculture Training of Teachers with Chris Evans and Tomas Remairz. As well as pioneering the edges of permaculture,  Looby is collaborating with Jon Young, Starhawk, Maddy Harland, Andy Goldring and other visionaries, to develop a profoundly effective toolkit for positive cultural evolution for individuals and communities known as Cultural Emergence There are 3 modules to learn this toolkit. Activating Cultural Emergence – awakening to possibilities; Cultural Emergence Effective Design – manifesting our ideal scenes and Peace, Empowerment and Cultural Emergence – connecting to self, people and land. She runs courses at her place, Applewood Permaculture Centre in the UK, around Europe and online. see www.applewoodcourses.com or email applewoodcourses [at] yahoo [dot] com for full details and booking.

Research and practice conference “Urban Permaculture”

26 of January 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine (working language – English, with the possibility of remote presentation and participation).

As it became tradition since the III Ukrainian permaculture gathering, in 2019 our national convergence will be organized along with research and practice conference to let researchers and practitioners to communicate for mutual benefit. This time the topic will be “Urban Permaculture”: we will talk about reducing and recycling of waste, creating safe, energy-saving, low-cost housing for people and preserving and creating habitats for the wildlife, efficient mechanisms for self-governance, establishment of direct economic and friendly ties between farmers and city dwellers, urban farming, environmental services and inclusive environments. Please, contribute to our diverse event with your expertise (web-site, Facebook page, registration form)! We expect up to 200 participants and offer free participation for presenters.

Academic and vocational permaculture education: conference presentation and proceedings

Permaculture for Academia conference with the preceding survey was organized on 29-30.09.2018 in Kyiv, Ukraine. It was focused on the academic and vocational adult permaculture education, primarily in the Visegrad counties and in Ukraine. Please, see Recorded conference presentations, Slides, and Conference proceedings. Join Facebook page and ResearchGate project Academic and vocational adult permaculture education to continue discussion and explore the opportunities for further collaboration. Particularly we would like to know if our Polish colleagues are interested in the educational collaboration as the International Visegrad Fund supports projects in Central and Eastern Europe.