Permaculture Teachers’ Training

For the first time in Austria:

Advanced training course for all PDC-holders, who want to teach Permaculture

with Rosemary Morrow / Australia

The Training of Teachers has a long tradition in Permaculture education.

Rosemary Morrow, one of the most important Permaculture teachers of Australia, is teaching in her home country and worldwide. She has brought the knowledge of Permaculture to the most outlaying regions of Third World Countries with a lot of caution and empathy for the circumstances and mentalities of their people. Continue reading “Permaculture Teachers’ Training”

Work in Progress

This is a first release of the Permaculture Council for Europe web site under its own domain name. There are other web sites around that have information on the previous councils and their predecessors. Please help us build links to them by submitting URLs to info [at] permaculturecouncil [dot] eu.

In the mean time you can register here, join or create a group, participate in a forum discussion or submit your complaints, ideas and requests regarding permaculture on a European level.

Permaculture Council for Europe 2010

At European Permaculture Conversion 10 in Nethen, Belgium a new Permaculture Council for Europe was appointed.

Members are:

  • Sylvia Boller (BE)
  • Mireille Hollaar (NL)
  • Petra Krubeck (DE)
  • Zoë Rozar (UK)

The council is kindly assisted by volunteer Kris French (FR) & Leo Bakx (NL).

The task of the council is to select a host for the next EUPC in 2012 and assist the hosting organisation.