PDC 2012 :: Statia Economy of Happiness

: 1 May 2012 – 22 May 2012

Date: 10 – 31 July

Location: Congo Preserve, Statia — Oranjestad, Sint Eustatius

From the Comenius – Grundtvig Training Database reference number NL-2012-273-002.

A new Aardwerk PDC course in a 3-week tropical island format. A unique opportunity for Europeans to get up close and personal with the challenges of tropical climate, limited resources and the realities of a shrinking world economy. In a relaxed and exotic location in the Dutch Caribbean. Historically significant for the development of European and US affluence and economic power in the Golden Age, Sint Eustatius (Statia) is a place to rediscover both the past and future of prosperity  & happiness in a world with material limits.

This is an opportunity to meet people from all over Europe under the inspiring guidance of a team of local experts and internationally experienced permaculturists like Fransje de Waard, Claudio Madaune, Mauricio Deliz, John Button and others. Continue reading “PDC 2012 :: Statia Economy of Happiness”

EUPC11: Eschenrode, Germany

The next European Permaculture Convergence EUPC11 will take place in Germany August 1-5, 2012 at the ecovillage “Gastwerke” in Escherode near Kassel.

At the moment we are developing the concept for the convergence.

In Autum 2011 you will find more detailed information on this website. Please visit our website again and share the news.

If you have any questions of comments please email us at: info [at] permaculturecouncil [dot] eu.

The organizers have started a web site especially for EUPC11 at eupc2012.de.

3rd Permaculture Educators’ Course

Living Houses Denmark

will be hosting a

Permaculture Educators’ Course

October 28th – November 4th 2011

During eight interactive and information-filled days, we will be offering a course to enhance your skills in teaching Permaculture and to add new information to your curriculum.  Permaculture offers key solutions to the environmental, economic and social challenges facing human occupation of the planet.

The course is suitable for anyone teaching, or interested in teaching Permaculture Continue reading “3rd Permaculture Educators’ Course”

Rosemary Morrow: second Teacher Training course in Austria

Dear friends of Permaculture!

The first course “Training of Teachers” with Rosemary Morrow is fully booked already – but we are glad to offer you a second course from 19th to 25th July. Please see the details attached.

Liebe FreundInnen und Freunde der Permakultur!

Der erste Kurs “Training of Teachers” mit Rosemary Morrow ist seit Jänner ausgebucht.

Wir konnten Rosemary für einen zweiten Kurs gewinnen – siehe angefügte Informationen.

Falls Sie Interesse haben – es gibt noch Plätze.

Best regards,

Liebe Grüße,

margreth holzer Continue reading “Rosemary Morrow: second Teacher Training course in Austria”

Robyn Francis en France

Permaculture Design Course

Du 5 au 21 Septembre 2011

Au Domaine du Fan,  Verneuil-Moustier, Limousin France

Salutations à vous tous et à tous vos réseaux.

Après le succès du PDC à Limoux en août dernier, nous sommes très heureux d’annoncer une nouvelle édition du 5 au 21 septembre à Verneuil Moustier dans le Limousin.

Fort des enseignements du premier séminaire, nous avons eu à coeur de  réserver un excellent site avec une excellente formatrice.

Ainsi le PDC se tiendra au cœur du Limousin, sur les 168 hectares de bois et de champs traversés par une petite rivière du Domaine Du Fan, en présence de Robyn Francis, du Permaculture Collège d’Australie. Continue reading “Robyn Francis en France”