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The deadline for contributions to the next EuPN Newsletter is around the 5th every second month and is announced at the bottom of each newsletter.  Any news of your organisation that you want to share with the network is most welcome.

Please submit plain text file and separate best resolution images. Please no MS Word files with embedded images or PDF’s.

Send your posts and announcements to our newsletter editor Cathrine Dolleris.

If you want to announce courses, please include at least:

  • Title of your course
  • Brief course description, 50 to 100 words. Please do not only refer to an external URL or a flyer or poster file.
  • Date or date range; start and end times or “all day”
  • Location
    • Venue name
    • Full street address – so our mapping system can find and display it, include GPS coordinates for remote locations without street address
    • Town/city name
    • Postal code
    • Country name
    • Venue contact details
    • Location photograph
  • Category or tag keywords
  • Course organiser name and contact details
  • Name of your lead course leader/facilitator/teacher – please include a good portrait photograph
  • Course fees including extra costs for meals, accommodation and local travel
  • A link to more detailed information and registration. We suggest that you refer to a web site (that you own and manage yourself) and avoid external services like facebook, twitter, google etc. for the protection of your visitor’s privacy and ownership of your own data.
  • Registration deadline.
  • If your course information is not in English, please provide a brief summary in English.

Please consider using ESS to publish your events, in which case submitting the URL of your ESS feed is sufficient for us to announce all your events and put them on our European permaculture event map.