Diversified cropping systems with nut trees: video lectures and invitation to participate in the survey

from Pavlo Ardanov

I would like to share with you my video lecture Polyculture systems with nut tree crops (AlmondChestnutHazelnutPistachioGinkgoYellowhornPecanHickoryWalnuts) where I have reviewed an academic literature on designing diversified cropping systems with nut trees. This is the part of the lecture series Designing Crop Polycultures, which might be of your interest if you are motivated to redice your farming inputs and environmental costs while increasing the profit and resilience.

We are developing an algorithm and free software for designing crop polycultures (simultaneous cultivation of several plant crops on the same land), and I should be very grateful if you could participate in one of our surveys to share your experience or constrains for adoption ecologically intensive agriculture practices.

I also invite you to check our web-site and subscribe to Facebook page.

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