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New report about Permaculture in Zanzibar

Tove Bang from Vijana Wetu Denmark and Derrick Omondi from Vijana Wetu Kenya left Kisumu, Kenya on Feb. 29th 2020 to travel to Zanzibar with the purpose of getting first hand knowledge about permaculture in Zanzibar and collect inspiration for their project, Banda River Permaculture Center. It´s a youth project and together with the local community they are working on building up a permaculture demonstration center in a village near Lake Victoria in West Kenya. They visited three permaculture sites. Practical Permaculture Institute Zanzibar (PPIZ), Fumba Town Permaculture Service Center which is introducing permaculture principles in the Fumba Town New Settlement, and lastly DADA Permaculture Farm in the north of Zanzibar.

Read the full report here below:

Visit www.vijanawetu.com

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