Alfred Decker’s Teaching Schedule 2019

  • Earth Activist Training (Certified PDC) @ Sieben Linden (Germany), August 10 – 23, with Starhawk
  • PDC @ Silent Green (Berlin, Germany), June 1 – 15, with a big and diverse facilitation team including Declan Kennedy
  • Earth Activism & Social Permaculture @ La Loma Viva and La Bolina (Granada, Spain), September 4 – 11, with Starhawk and members of La Loma Viva and La Bolina
  • Social Permaculture @ Ulex Project (Catalunya, Spain), December 7 – 14
  • Training Permaculture Teachers” (TPT). Rosemary Morrow developed TPT in order to have a multiplier effect in the development of permaculture, with the intention to develop the course in the different European languages by teachers from those countries. The following TPT courses in Europe 2019 are facilitated by Alfred and local teachers:
  • Formation de Facilitation Créative en Permaculture (FFCP). Vous souhaitez désormais transmettre la Permaculture avec professionnalisme et créativité? Voici la formation qu’il vous faut!
    • Belgique @ Château de Velaines (Tournaisis), 10 – 18 Mai, préparée par Rosemary Morrow, Bernard Alonso, Alfred Decker, Bernadette Dufour, Sylvain Eymard, Cécile Berny et Charles Abécassis

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